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This increase ranged from 0. We believe that these increases are somewhat expected with the regular inflation rate considered. For most of the brands, the increase in the annual total housekeeping expenses per occupied room was mainly related to the increase in housekeeping and laundry salaries and wages. At the same time, seven brands decreased other housekeeping expenses POR by 0. As expenses related to housekeeping and laundry salaries and wages were found to be almost 75 percent of total housekeeping expenses, these types of the expenses were the most influential among all expenses of the housekeeping department.

The results of our study show that spending more money on cleaning a room does not guarantee higher guest satisfaction with cleanliness in a hotel.

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However, smart management of housekeeping costs may help to achieve higher guest satisfaction. We found that the largest category of housekeeping expenses is spent towards housekeeping salaries and wages over 65 percent. Therefore, this area provides the most opportunities for managing costs and potentially achieving a higher cleanliness score while spending less.

In the report, we provided some recommendations for maximizing the return on the dollars spent on housekeeping salaries and wages. The recommendations focused mainly on training the housekeeping staff. We worked only on one aspect of the problem regarding guest satisfaction with cleanliness in a hotel.


We examined if there is any relationship between the housekeeping expenses and the guest satisfaction. However, other factors also may influence the guest satisfaction with hotel cleanliness: for example, the guest expectations and perceptions about a brand or a hotel, the service level of the hotel e.

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These factors also should be taking into consideration while evaluating the efficiency of housekeeping operations in further research. Can you elaborate on what effective room attendant training looks like, and where hotels might miss the mark? We recommend a few effective training principles to maximize the return on the dollars spent on housekeeping salaries and wages. People tend to remember details of a process for only a short period of time. The staff should understand the impact their work has on the overall business.

This will motivate staff to do their work well. Technology can play a significant role in ensuring the effectiveness of housekeeping operations. For example, using a software to keep track of guest complaints is important to identify negative trends that may impact guest satisfaction. If guests who stay in a particular room complain about the water pressure in the bathroom, that lets management know that the problem may not be random but requires a thorough investigation and fixing.

This will help to perform ongoing training, reduce the cost of the training, and overcome communication barriers. The difficulties in communication also can be eliminated if the housekeeping staff is trained in their native language. In addition, implementing special programs for employee recognition can help to retain skilled and experienced employees and, as a result, increase housekeeping efficiency and reduce the turnover of housekeepers.

The hoteliers may compare their expenses for housekeeping to average expenses of 15 brands. The report also provides the following metrics for such comparison: total housekeeping expenses per occupied room, as a percent of room revenue, as a percent of total revenue, and average brand cleanliness scores. Sign in. Because of unions, hotel workers' wages vary widely. There's a very wide range, and we've certainly seen places where people are getting paid more or less than that as well. We have the most dangerous job in the hotel.

According to Unite Here, housekeepers have a 50 percent higher injury rate than all other hotel workers, and a survey of more than hotel housekeepers in the U. My coworkers complain every day about leg pain, knee pain, arm pain, everything.

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We'd love it if you would leave us a tip. According to Brigida, most people don't tip housekeepers. And even when guests do leave cash in the room, she usually can't take it. We see and hear everything.

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Just because the housekeeping staff is discreet doesn't mean they don't observe your bad moods or rude behavior. Brigida reports taking all kinds of attitude from guests: "When we knock on their door and they don't want us to come in, they sometimes yell and swear at us. I try not to take it personally, but it's the kind of thing that can stay with you all day. I've seen it so many times!

We aren't trying to make it hard for you to find your things. If you're the type of person who prefers to keep your belongings in a pile on the floor, don't be surprised if your room is more organized when you return for the day.

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It's not your housekeeper's job to leave the room in the exact condition in which you left it. Yes, it's our job to clean your room, but some of the messes you leave are beyond the call of duty. While some guests are so tidy housekeepers can hardly tell they've slept in the bed, others go overboard with the messes. And we're not talking a few extra crumbs or an overflowing trash bin. And sometimes the messes guests leave in the bathroom are so bad "it's like, 'How could you do this to us?