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Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. In Stock. Finding Cassie Crazy. Cassie P Caribbean PI. The Misadventures of Cassie. Cassie's Inheritance. Cassie's Word Quilt Avenues. Cassie's Crush. Cassie and Charm Pony Camp Diaries. Maisie the Animal Minder Cassie and the Ducks. Following his Escape from the Raft , Scott Lang returned to Cassie, knowing he was still a wanted man for allying himself with Captain America.

Cassie visited Scott during his two-year sentence of house arrest. They played together as Scott tried to keep her entertained without having to leave the house.

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He built a tunnel out of cardboard boxes for them to crawl through as they go in search of treasure. Cassie asked if she can take it for show-and-tell but Scott refused. They "escaped" down stairs that had been converted into a slide and ran into the fence.

Scott accidentally put his foot through the perimeter, alerting the FBI that he'd left his house. They arrived to search the place just as Cassie's mom and Jim came to pick her up.

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Cassie left with her Mom but promised to come back. Cassie called Scott looking for her soccer shoes, not knowing that he was currently being held captive by Ghost. As a result, she went to Scott's house to look for the shoes. The FBI arrived just after learning that Scott wasn't in his house. Cassie went upstairs and found an enlarged ant in the bathtub. She went back downstairs and tried to prevent the FBI from going upstairs by claiming that Scott was sick. Luckily, Scott made it home in time so as to not raise suspicion.

After the federal agents left, Scott and Cassie had a conversation about him being Ant-Man again.

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She told him that he needs a partner to watch his back. He thought she was talking about Hope, but then found that she was really referring to herself. Scott refused, explaining that if he let her help it would make him the worst parent. Cassie agreed that Hope was the better choice. Shortly after, she smiled as she witnessed her father, as Ant-Man, on television.

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Scott immediately went to visit Cassie after having been let out of house arrest. She hugged him which led to Jim and Maggie hugging Scott too. Later, Hope , Cassie, and Scott sat in a shrunken car as they watched Them! In , the Mad Titan Thanos eliminated half of the universe's population. Cassie survived the Snap , but she believed her father dead. In reality, Scott also survived, but he was stranded in the Quantum Realm.

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In , after escaping the Quantum Realm, Scott and Cassie were reunited, with the latter shocked but overjoyed to discover her father was alive. Following the Blip , Cassie was seen with her father and Hope van Dyne watching fireworks, where both of them were happy to be reunited with each other. Cassie Lang loves her father, Scott Lang , knowing he is a good man at heart; this bond between them is quite strong as despite three years apart, Cassie still loves and wants to be around her father.

Cassie also appreciates her mother's boyfriend, Jim Paxton , despite she once stated that her father would be safer if the police did not find him. Sign In Don't have an account?

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  7. Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I heard some grown-ups talking. They said he was bad. Daddy just gets confused sometimes.

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    I just want your daddy to be safe. You know the lengths that I've gone to? Close-up magic. I learned that. I'd be a great partner.