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Angaja now dwells on Mount Kailash with a retinue of 1, arhats. On this sacred mountain the Buddha explained the law of karma , setting beings of all realms onto the path of liberation. He holds a fly whisk and an incense bowl; smelling the incense or touching the fly whisk grants the sweet fragrance of shila self discipline which liberates beings from all manner of emotional pain.

Adjita Ajita Tib. At his birth Ajita had all the signs of great virtue.

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He and the daughter of King Prasenajit fell in love and, even though he was a commoner, Ajita gradually proved his worthiness to the king and they were married. The Buddha explained that in a past life they had made offerings to the Buddha Vipashyin who predicted that in a future life they would marry and then be attracted to the religious life.

Ajita and his wife cut-off all worldly attachment and joined the Sangha. He now dwells on Drang-song the hermit-sage mountain , with arhats. Seeing Ajita with his hands in the meditation mudra gives the ability to enter into meditation with moral perfection, and he grants protection and steadfast devotion to practice.

Outline of the Tiantai Fourfold Teachings 天台四教儀

Vanavasin Vanavasin Skt. Vanavasin was a learned scholar of the Vedas who became an ascetic in the forest and attained a certain level of realization. Knowing it was the right time to convert him, the Buddha came to the grove where he lived. Upon seeing the Buddha he was immediately filled with faith. He then listened to the Dharma , studied and practiced with great devotion and attained the level of arhat.

Buddha Maitreya Mantra of Universal Love Kindness and Compassion ॐ

The Buddha said that amongst those who dwell in solitude, Vanavasin is the most excellent. With a retinue of 1, arhats he dwells in the mountain cave of Saptaparni. He has the power to counteract the effect of actions opposed to the Three Jewels , and praying to him protects from distraction and leads to the fulfilment of all wishes. Category : Sixteen Arhats. Kalika Maha Kalika Mahakalika Skt. Instructed in the classical studies from an early age, he became a learned scholar, and then joyfully took up the Dharma becoming the attendant of the Arhat Aniruddha.

When he came of age, he became a full bhikshu and, devoting himself to meditation , became an arhat. Out of gratitude to the Buddha he resolved to follow his example and dedicated himself to helping all beings. Keeping nothing for himself he dwelt in cemeteries, living on discarded food and clothing. With 1, arhats he now lives in Tamradvipa in India. Maha Kalika holds a pair of golden earrings. Through seeing them practitioners become able to penetrate the illusion of samsara and renounce it.

Praying to him develops compassion and the ability to set others on the right path. Vajriputra Vajriputra Skt. Raised as a prince he became a learned scholar. Upon hearing the Dharma from the Arhat Katyayana he took lay vows.


Eventually he became disillusioned with worldly life and requested full ordination. Later, he was badly treated by the king of another city and in anger he requested to be released from his vows in order to raise an army. Katyayana asked him to wait one more night. That night in a dream Vajriputra saw what the consequences of his anger would be.

He then received further teachings from Katyayana and became an arhat. Vajriputra dwells in Sri Lanka with 1, arhats. He holds a scented fly whisk which confers wisdom and control of the mind.

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His right hand is in the mudra of dispelling fear. He strengthens concentration and wisdom in those who work for others. Bhadra shribhadra Shribhadra Skt. Later, when Gautama became the Buddha , he promised that if he had a son, that son would become a monk. Accumulating merit and practising with diligence he became an arhat renowned for his teaching and meritorious actions.

He lives on an island in the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges, with 1, arhats. His right hand is in the Dharma-teaching mudra which enables the understanding of compassion and emptiness.

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His left is in the meditation mudra which develops the wisdom of correct discernment of the paths to overcome habitual patterns. Kanakavatsa Kanakavatsa Tib. As he grew up, he and the elephant calf were constant companions. The king commanded that he give the elephant to him, which Kanakavatsa willingly did.

However the elephant always came back to him. Realizing that such wealth only created discord, he sought ordination from the Buddha and joined the Sangha , eventually becoming an arhat. Kanakavatsa dwells in Kashmir on the Saffron Hill with arhats. He holds a chain of precious stones given to him by the nagas which endow great memory, self-confidence and wisdom. Those devoted to him will never be separated from their teachers and will be respected by all.

Born to a wealthy householder he grew up generous and compassionate, supporting the poor and giving alms to religious persons. After practising for some time he became an arhat.

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Kanaka dwells on the western continent with arhats. His hands rest in the meditation mudra , seeing which helps beings to escape the lower realms and to attain joy and wisdom.

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Invoking him opens opportunities for practising the six paramitas and developing along the Mahayana path. Bakula ; Wyl. Born 70 years before the Buddha , Bakula was first an accomplished scholar and then lived as a wandering ascetic. One day, seated high on a mountain he saw the Buddha passing on the road below. Afraid he would not be able to catch up with him by following the road he jumped directly from the mountain-side, but was spared from injury by the power of the Buddha.

He requested ordination and joined the Sangha. After studying and practising he became an arhat.

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Together with arhats, Bakula dwells on the northern continent in a mountain cave. Rahula Rahula Skt. When he was six years old the Buddha visited his homeland and was greeted by his family. Soon afterwards Rahula, wishing to be with his father, joined the Sangha. He was noted for his diligent study and observance of the Vinaya. When the Buddha was about to enter parinirvana , Rahula, overcome with grief, begged him to remain, but the Buddha reminded him of the impermanence of all things and assured him he would be guided by all the buddhas for as long as he remained in the world.

He holds a diadem which he received from the gods of the Heaven of the Thirty-Three , which carries the blessing to vanquish passion and understand the teachings. Those who pray to him are cared for by the protective deities. Cudapanthaka Chulapanthaka Skt. Lamtren Ten ; Wyl. As a disciple he was exceedingly dull and stupid; he could not apply his mind or commit to memory even one stanza of doctrine. Eventually he started to think about the meaning of the words, and thereby attained realization.

The Buddha appointed him to teach the nuns, some of whom were deeply insulted, but he soon led them to great realization through his teaching and miraculous displays. His hands rest in the meditation mudra , signifying detachment from material values and unshakeable devotion.

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Invoking him frees one from desire, hatred and ignorance, the three poisons that predispose beings to suffer. Pindola Bharadvaya Pindola Bharadvaja Skt.