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Red says yes, but that, if Diane knows the truth, "then someone else does as well. Red meets with Madeline Pratt at a bar after she stole from Red's safety deposit box in Istanbul.

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Red later brings Pratt to the attention of the task force, sending them on a race against Pratt for the Effigy, which is rumored to contain the names of the "Kungur 6", Soviet agents from the Cold War that are still active and unknown to the US government. Red takes Liz to hotel room where they will be with Pratt, with Liz under the guise of a thief wanting to steal the Effigy.

Red later joins Liz at the embassy, where they are set up by Pratt. After Liz is captured by security, Red talks his way into the room she is held in and knocks out the guard, the two then escaping.

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Red meets with Pratt in the city, when the two are captured by an unknown party and held in a makeshift prison, where Red is taken away multiple times by the guards, only to come back to his cell in even poorer shape. This continues until Pratt agrees to give the location of the Effigy and the warheads of the Kungur 6.

The information is then handed to Red, revealing that he had set up the capture and prison as a way of tricking Pratt into giving him the information the FBI needed. Red meets with the Cowboy in a car, employing his services to find out where Lucy Brooks has been for the past 6 months and what she has been doing in that time.

At the Post Office, Red tells Liz that Hastings' reappearance indicates that a figure known only as "the Judge", a supposed prison myth, is responsible. The Judge responds to prisoners' requests for justice against those in the legal system who wrongfully convicted them. The Cowboy brings Red what he found in Brooks' apartment; false identities, evidence of several trips abroad, foreign currency, and a USB flash drive.

Red notices that Brooks has been to all the places he has been since he surrendered to the FBI. When Cooper is captured by the Judge for beating Rifkin in order to get his confession, Liz has Red find any information on the Rifkin case, leading Red to visit Admiral Richard Abraham , who is not happy to see Red after his disappearance and treason ruined Abraham's career. Red is sent to meet with the Judge in her makeshift prison to bring her new information on the Rifkin case, proving that Rifkin was indeed guilty of massacring a village with the Taliban and was rightfully convicted.

He states that executing Cooper would violate the ideals of justice that she has been attempting to uphold. Red later meets with Cooper, telling him that "a war is coming" and that he expects Cooper to remember what Red did for him that day when Red depends on his help in the future. He also requests that Cooper aid Abraham in reviving his naval career. While Red awaits results from the Cowboy regarding his investigation into Lucy Brooks , Red makes a donation to a ballet production. He later provides speculative information to Donald Ressler regarding Mako Tanida , a former suspect Ressler arrested during his 5 year pursuit against Reddington.

Red's suspicions were proven correct when another member of Ressler's former task force was murdered.

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Red later re-assigns the Cowboy to capture Lucy. When hearing of Audrey's death, a sympathetic Reddington provides a lead to a vengeful Ressler towards a residential house serving as an underground hospital. However, he warns Ressler that vengeance requires a high price. Reddington later hears word of Tanida's escape from captivity, and later kills Tanida, shipping his decapitated head to a mourning Ressler.

Red watches the ballet production, imagining a time his daughter was actually the leading star of the same production he funded. When Red hears of a NSA analyst being killed in a car crash and the theft of the "Skeleton Key", a prototype cyberwarfare weapon capable of disabling a nation-state's electronic infrastructure, he initially suspects Ivan , a skilled Russian hacker known for making numerous cyber attacks against the Russian economy.

While getting Ivan out of Russia, he discovers that Ivan had nothing to do with the theft of the Skeleton Key, and that someone else is impersonating him. Red uses the opportunity to force Ivan to return the 5,, dollars that Ivan had stolen from his accounts, in addition another 3,, dollars is demanded as interest. Later, Liz goes to Red for information on Lucy Brooks , demanding to know who she was and why she inserted herself into her life.

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Red refuses to answer. After Liz finally discovers the truth of Tom's status as a spy, she goes to Red for comfort. Red plays the song that Liz's father used to sing to her to calm her down with the music box he had been constructing throughout the episode. In order to give Liz a cover story for her un-official investigation into Tom, he supplies her with information about a recent assassination arranged by Milton Bobbit.

After Emil Dusek had been framed by the Kingmaker , he realized that Milos Kirchoff was increasing the campaign to destroy him. This causes Niko Demakis to reveal that his black market allies are wavering in their support. After Elizabeth Keen tells him that the Kingmaker was killed, he throws his glass in the fireplace. Later Liz confronts him over the death of her adoptive father, and in keeping with his promise not to lie to her, he tells her what happened.

Dembe tells Red that the tracker lost Tom. Red looks back to what he was reading, a math textbook, Dembe asks Red how bad is it? Red is sitting in the corner and says he has a case that is urgent. Elizabeth says that Red will have to work with someone else. Elizabeth says that Red killed her father. Cooper says he wants to speak to Liz privately and Red says no. Red says the case has to do with Tom and an attack is imminent.

Liz says that he should get whatever Reddington knows or detain him indefinitely. Cooper asks if this is about Berlin. Liza begs him to accept the resignation. Red asks Liz if she is going to put her anger with him above the lives of innocent people. Liz says she will do the case and then she is done. Red and other members of the task force are in the operations room at the Post Office. Red says that the likely cause of death was believed to be the Cullen virus.

Ressler says that the man was an armored truck driver. Mira asks how a random bank has to do with him. Red said that threats on his life are a constant but two days ago he received word that a biological threat could be coming. Red says he thinks its part of a larger plot against him. Red says that he thinks Paul was a foot soldier in a biological army meant to carry out orders by a superior through the use of one of the deadliest viruses on the planet. Red and Liz are at a mental institution to meet with a Dr. Sanders who has continued to do research. Dr Sanders seems a bit off and with the conversation he has with Red they have a history of working together.

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Dr Sanders remembers that someone came to him asking about Cullen research. From the discussion Red has with Dr Sanders it is said that he injected himself with meningitis and then a synthesized cure and it has side effects. Once they leave the room Liz goes off on Red for this wild goose chase. She thinks that they only flew here so that Red could try and change her mind to leave on the flight.

Liz and Red are back at the hospital were Dr Sanders is a patient. They ask for the identity of UD Dr Sanders says that is his name. Liz pushes Dr Sanders for the person identity and he has a break down. Liz shows up in the park and tell Red that he needs to come with her and get in the car now. Red asks if she set the meeting so they could capture him. Liz says there is no time. Red says she wants to hear from Agent Keen and tells Dembe to wait in the vehicle.

Red sits down on a bench and tells Liz to tell him about her change of heart. It goes back to Liz and Red in the park.

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Red asks her what changed. Liz asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life in solitary. Red exclaims that this is about Sam. Red says that this is where it ends. Liz says she knowns that Berlin is a person and is coming from him. Liz says the police are on their way. Red tells her she should go. Liz says they seem to be stuck together.

As FBI closing in around them telling him put the gun down.

Red tells her a story about falling ill after being stung by a Lionfish. He said he knew he was dying and readied himself for death. He said in the moment standing at deaths door was a sea gypsy just standing and smiling at him. He said they nursed him back to health and when he left the island, she kissed him on the cheek and it nearly made dying worth it.

Red says that is how he feels now. He asks Red if Agent Keen was worth being captured. Red deflects by asking if he uses Brylcreme in hair.

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Agent Martin walks away and Red says yes.