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You could argue that Verdi and Wagner did better at honoring the Beethoven tradition by adapting his techniques to opera. This was especially true of Wagner. At 15 Wagner had finished writing a grand tragic drama. Two years later Wagner resubmitted his arrangement, offering it free, if only the firm would send him some recent Beethoven publications, including the Opus and String Quartets.

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It is revealing that the young Wagner was drawn to these late, visionary quartets, astounding works that mystified most musicians, let alone the public, at the time. Beethoven, starting from his early works and with increasing sophistication, brought a kind of subliminal cohesion to his scores through his use of motifs. In its seven movements, played without pause, this pathbreaking, mood-shifting and mystical quartet could be seen as offering him a manual on how to organize a long through-composed opera to make it come across as a musical and dramatic entity.

The case for Verdi as a Beethoven devotee is not quite as solid. He certainly studied the symphonies and piano sonatas and paid public tribute to the master. Verdi was not Wagner in this regard, but he used motifs and identifying themes with greater frequency and sophistication than he is given credit for. And the middle-period Beethoven offered Verdi a particular model of how to achieve dramatic intensity and complex musical development without radically departing from Classical forms. Verdi was born to an Italian opera tradition that embraced tried-and-true procedures regarding recitative and aria, scene structure and the like.

In letters he complained endlessly about the tyranny of the tradition.

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The ridiculous expectations of opera audiences for set-piece arias and ensembles could infuriate him as much as the absurdities of the Italian censors, who vetoed story lines and settings that were deemed incendiary. Complete edition of Beethoven's correspondence continuation. First employment and departure from Bonn Rooms 5 and 6. Information on the subdivision of Beethoven's correspondence in the digital archive.

Maynard Solomon: Beethoven. Second, revised edition. ISBN Original manuscript of the Diabelli Variations to be purchased. Peter Clive: Beethoven and his world. A biographical dictionary. Sonata for piano C sharp minor , op. Sonata for piano and violoncello A major , op. Subdivision of sketches by Beethoven in the digital archive. Mozart: Piano sonata for four hands, KV Artaria.

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As the night went on, however, his upper tones took on a rounder, fuller shape. Here and elsewhere, I observed her physically reaching upward for climatically high pitches. Her action affected her sound quality: her high register was quavering, forced, and over-vibratoed. As a result, her highs maintained depth and quality. A casting switch between these two sopranos would be beneficial—but admittedly impossible—for this production.

Florestan—enlivened by Klaus Florian Vogt—has a many-colored voice: his timbre sounds like the mixing palette of a master painter. His unique hues transmitted the hopeful content of his singing. The correct energy can be achieved in upcoming performances by a reconsideration of phrasing and articulation.

Their tone was pure and their phrasing smooth and effortless. In the first act, the principal themes of hope and freedom are juxtaposed against a starkly bare prison. For the final scene, Robert Israel, the set designer, depicts triumph with a backdrop of wispy clouds strewn across a light blue sky: it is little wonder that the words for heaven and sky are the same in German.

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At this euphoric ending, Don Fernando has arrived, ousting Don Pizarro from the stage. After, the chorus, winds, and low strings exclaim joyfully.

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Freude und Freiheit—Joy and Freedom: Beethoven affirms cherished values with his distinct emotional directness. During the curtain call, I saw that the bronze heroic figure—which looms in the background of the ultimate scene—was taken off of his horse, placed dejectedly on the ground. Information and ticket listings including student and same-day rush tickets can be found online at metopera. With each outing in these roles, Radvanovsky has further asserted her mastery of vocal technique and dramatic interpretation, even if her large voice is not typical of the Bel Canto repertoire. After Robert is convicted of treason, Elizabeth is determined to save him from punishment, but when the truth of his affair with Sara is revealed, her love turns to rage, and she instead signs the death warrant that seals his — and her — fate.

Hers was a masterful portrayal that deserved the prolonged ovations it received, but in future performances Radvanovsky could bring a touch more grit to the interpretation and achieve even greater impact. Unfortunately though, Polenzani lost his stamina during his final impassioned aria, only cautiously concluding a triumphant night.

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While Kwiecien often brings a wealth charisma to his performances, this outing felt unnaturally forced and was not aided by wooden singing. McVicar has set the world of Roberto Devereux in the claustrophobic confines of a Jacobean theater that is filled with stunning visuals.