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The main market is in a covered building for architecture buffs and for those days when it rains. It can be a great stop to load up for a picnic as well. Here is a guide to experiencing the market. Andy and I really like food tours. Given an extra day, we would probably take another one. They are usually smaller groups and have history mixed with the tasty bits.

Paris has a bunch of different foods from chocolate, to croissants, to wine, to cheese, to neighborhood wanders. I reviewed the tour I took here and prepared a list of options if this is your thing. Did we leave anything out? What else would you include on a 1 week Paris itinerary? Hopefully our Paris itinerary and ideas for planning one week in Paris have been helpful. The following posts provide more in-depth information about planning a trip to Paris, tours in Paris, day trips from Paris, and more.

Grab my full travel packing list plus the free e-book 11 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Vacation and get travel deals, discounts, and advice from Travel Made Simple in your inbox. Kimber C August 1, pm. I just found out, my daughter and SIL are taking me in February. But will most shops and places be open or do they shut down for winter?? Ali Garland August 2, pm. Not an ignorant question at all! Tiny touristy places, like certain Greek islands might, but not a big city like Paris.

Some attractions might have shorter hours, or a tour might only be offered certain days of the week instead of every day, but things will still very much function. As for where to stay, a week might be a good length of time to consider an Airbnb because it gives you access to a kitchen, which means you can eat in sometimes. Even if you only ever eat breakfast in, that can be more relaxing and save you some money. Plus if there are 3 or 4 of you, you might be able to find an apartment with 2 bedrooms and you can all stay together, whereas with a hotel you probably need to book 2 separate rooms.

Ali Garland April 18, pm. But luckily this is all doable on your own!

Denver Hollingsworth January 24, pm. Great itinerary. I have a question. Do you suggest doing a guided tour of Versailles or walking around yourself? Ali Garland January 25, pm. Hi Denver! If you go by yourself, you can avoid the crowded rooms, wait for those groups to move on, and then go into those rooms.

Sometimes having a tour is really great, but if you want more flexibility, you might be better on your own or with an audio guide. Anna November 22, pm. Yes, yes, yes, this is super cool! Will be in Paris over the winter, trying to spend at least 7 days there. I am thinking of doing some Airbnb, seems to be the best option!

Totally visiting as well Moulin Rouge.

When to visit Paris

Ali Garland November 22, pm. Have fun, Anna! I really enjoyed seeing a show at Moulin Rouge! Caroline May 27, am. So much to see, but I love to insert a day in these intense itineraries for lazing about … makes things flow a bit easier!

Tuesday: Get lost down the dreamy cobbled streets of Montmartre

Ali Garland May 28, pm. Yes, a slower day to relax is always recommended. The Montmarte day is pretty much that — go see the church, wander, see the views, wander, hang out at a cafe… And you can always decide to change things up. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

October 6 — 13, She has lived in Paris for more than 12 years. She and Cara have worked together on many trips and both have a keen curiosity for all things Paris so the trip promises to hold fun surprises! Please note that we may change this itinerary depending on changes in time or availability of some of our destinations.

The Parc Monceau, one of the most beautiful parks in Paris, is just down the street. Since people will be arriving at different times, the afternoon is free. There are plenty of sites to see in the neighborhood and if you wish to venture further, we have two metro lines near the hotel to whisk you away. Aimee finds herself caught up in a murderous paper chase, one where even her godfather, Commissaire Morbier, has doubts about her innocence.

Your afternoon is on your own.

And remember, we have some of the best department stores near our hotel. Galeries Lafayette, with an Angelina cafe, and the recently renovated and updated Printemps with a wonderful rooftop restaurant and two floors of food shops and dining options!

Planning Your Time in Paris: Paris in One to Seven Days by Rick Steves

Tensions run high in the working-class neighborhood of Belleville, known for its high concentration of Arab immigrants, when a hunger strike to protest against strict immigration laws escalates. The market here is rich with the produce of France as well as vendors selling scarves and leather goods. Do people actually pay for this stuff? I'm doing a free test drive for now. Mostly I like someone else taking care of housekeeping for a few days. The room is ground floor, which isn't great, but the shower pressure is great.

He seems surprised when I throw back the curtain and yell. Day Four. The joys of in-room coffee cannot be overstated. The kebab shop across the street beckons with its blinking red sign. Skip the fries. I order a Perrier with mint syrup. He pays.

Paris in 7 days, an itinerary for first time visitors.

When it looked like I might not be able to continue working, I put out some feelers. This company is a startup, which is always a risk, but I like him on a human level. He also worked his way up from next to nothing, which connects us instantly. We finally get around to talking about salary and options. The thing about startups is knowing when to go all-in or move on.

A Week in Paris Itinerary: 7 Days in Paris

I am so touched! And embarrassed. They give me flowers, chocolate, and wine. This is so kind and I wish I had been in a better place to open up more and lead in this position. The thing about bad relationships is that they can strip your personhood in insidious ways. At least it was for me.

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