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Finding the source of the issue would be most helpful, but this is often difficult when so little is known about the causes of BV. Treatment of BV can range from antibiotics and antiseptics, to medications to restore acidity, to probiotics find an in-depth discussion on current treatments here.

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Some treatments are available over the counter, but others will need a prescription. The lack of understanding of what causes BV means treatments still have a long way to go to be effective in the long term. Limiting risk factors after treatment can help—talk to your healthcare provider about options.

The lack of awareness around it is staggering considering just how common it is. Bringing knowledge of BV into public awareness helps prevent the stress that can come with having it. Know your discharge, keep your vagina healthy and, track any changes in Clue. Read up to 43 articles about Birth Control in this category.

Read up to 13 articles about Pleasure in this category. Read up to 17 articles about Bleeding in this category. Read up to 38 articles about Gender Equality in this category. Read up to 8 articles about Endometriosis in this category. We use cookies to give you the best browsing experience. Read more here. App Store Play Store. What is Bacterial Vaginosis BV? How common is BV? If you do have them, they include itching, burning, and soreness of the vagina and vulva. You may have burning during urination.

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You could also have gray-green discharge, which may smell bad. BV is treatable with antibiotics. You may get pills to swallow, or cream or gel that you put in your vagina. During treatment, you should use a condom during sex or not have sex at all. Yeast infections are usually treated with a cream or with medicine that you put inside your vagina. You can buy over-the-counter treatments for yeast infections, but you need to be sure that you do have a yeast infection and not another type of vaginitis.

See your health care provider if this is the first time you have had symptoms. Even if you have had yeast infections before, it is a good idea to call your health care provider before using an over-the-counter treatment. The treatment for trichomoniasis is usually a single-dose antibiotic. Both you and your partner s should be treated, to prevent spreading the infection to others and to keep from getting it again.

If your vaginitis is due to an allergy or sensitivity to a product, you need to figure out which product is causing the problem.

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It could be a product that you started using recently. Once you figure it out, you should stop using the product. If the cause of your vaginitis is a hormonal change, your health care provider may give you estrogen cream to help with your symptoms. It is important to treat BV and trichomoniasis, because having either of them can increase your risk for getting HIV or another sexually transmitted disease.

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If you are pregnant, BV or trichomoniasis can increase your risk for preterm labor and preterm birth. Learn More Specifics. See, Play and Learn No links available. Research Clinical Trials Journal Articles. Resources No links available. For You Teenagers Patient Handouts.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) : Top 10 Natural Treatments and Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

What is vaginitis? What causes vaginitis? Women who have never had sex can also have BV. The vagina contains many different types of bacteria.

Normally, there are large numbers of "good" bacteria that keep the number of "harmful" bacteria very low. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when this balance is upset and there are more "harmful" bacteria than "good" bacteria.

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  • The cause of BV is not fully understood. BV is more common in lesbian and bisexual women than in other women. The reason for this is unknown. BV can be diagnosed during a medical exam. To check for BV, your health care provider looks for signs of infection and collects a sample of vaginal fluid for lab tests. BV is treated with antibiotics.

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    These can be in pill form, creams, gels, or ovules. Sometimes BV goes away without treatment. Most often, BV does not cause other health problems.